Support through Membership and Donations

drivewaySince the purchase of the Rosedale lawns and the establishment of The Rosedale Conservancy in 2002, a tremendous amount has been accomplished. Rosedale’s landscape has rebounded beautifully from its many years of neglect and the organizational framework needed to support Rosedale for the future has been set in place. Please remember, however, that Rosedale requires your generous annual assistance. Rosedale – as a privately-funded community park – is supported solely by contributions.

We know that it takes about $50,000 a year to keep Rosedale going. That includes annual maintenance costs of some $40,000 every year for weekly lawn care, the irrigation system, insurance, our annual community events, and administrative costs. And another $10,000 for one-time costs for things like fixing the fence, removing dead trees, pruning others, and repairing damage to the lawns. That’s a lot of money for an all-volunteer organization to raise each year. To deal with this challenge for the long term, we want to establish an endowment that will fund at least 50% of Rosedale’s expenses each year.

If you would prefer to mail your membership form, please download the 2016 Membership Registration form here.

2017 Membership

For 2017, we have a new membership database to process online registrations which is required through the link below. You may pay with a credit card, your Paypal account, or you may mail a check.

2017 Membership & Dog Registration Form →

TRC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and your contribution is deductible to the extent allowed by law.