Rosedale’s Bi-Annual Meeting is April 4th

It is time again to prepare for election of the Board of The Rosedale Conservancy, and our bi-annual meeting.

We will hold the seventh bi-annual meeting of the Conservancy’s membership on
Tuesday, April 4th
7:30 pm
Cleveland Park Congregational Church
3400 Lowell Street, NW
We hope you will attend, as your support for the Conservancy’s mission, goals and future is essential.

Kim Williams, DC Office of Planning/Historic Preservation Office, will give a slide talk, Remnants of Rural Washington: Farms and Estates of 18th and early 19th Century Washington, DC. Her talk will feature Rosedale as well as remnants of other early farms and estates.


2017 Ballot

Below is the proposed slate of nominees for the Board. Those elected will serve two-year terms. Note that our By-Laws provide that a member may nominate anyone not nominated by the Nominating Committee by means of a written nomination delivered to the Chairperson (Jill Hall) or the Secretary (Erin Klisch) or by emailing within fifteen days of this notice. Note also that only Designated Property Members may nominate people to the slate of seven Designated Property Member Directors, and only Annual Members may nominate people to the slate of three Annual Directors.


Slate of Directors for the Election at the 2017 Bi-Annual Meeting

Background: The Rosedale Conservancy’s Articles of Incorporation provide for two classes of membership in the Conservancy:

  • Thirty-seven property owners on property adjacent to or immediately surrounding the Rosedale Conservancy (on Newark, 36th, Ordway, and 34th Place) are Designated Property Members, and may elect seven of the Conservancy’s Directors. All other dues-paying members are Annual Members and may elect three of the Conservancy’s Directors.
  • Three other members of the Conservancy Board are appointed by three neighborhood organizations: the Cleveland Park Citizens Association, the Cleveland Park Historical Society, and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C.
Designated Property Member Nominees

Ross Ain
Ross Ain and his wife Judy have lived in Cleveland Park across from Rosedale since 1977. They have two grown children and two black Labradors, Chelsea and Brody. Judy has been involve. d in managing the use of the property by dogs, and Ross has been an active member of the Grounds Committee, helping to manage the various contractors that the Conservancy uses to maintain and enhance the grounds.

Laura DeBonis
Laura and her husband Scott Nathan are recent transplants from Boston to Ordway Street. They have two children, ages 9 and 7, and no dogs (at least not yet!). The whole family loves the greenspace of the Conservancy, particularly the family activities and the sledding when it is possible. Laura has served on boards during her years in Boston and has previously worked at EF Education First and Google in a variety of roles.

Alyse Graham
Alyse and her husband moved to Ordway Street this year with their three tween and teen children. They are an active family that treasures the outdoors and being part of a strong local community. Alyse enjoyed hosting the pumpkin carving party this fall and is delighted to share in helping to preserve and continue community enjoyment of Rosedale.

Jill Hall
Jill Hall and her husband, Ridge, live at 3500 Ordway Street. They have three grown children, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren. The whole family enjoys the Conservancy for games of sardines and picnics. Jill is involved in a variety of community projects. Ridge serves on the Grounds Committee.

Erin Klisch
Erin Klisch and her husband, Mike, have lived at 3524 Ordway Street since 2006. They have two young children, Harrison (6) and Oliver (4), as well as a beloved dog, Wells. All enjoy spending time at Rosedale. Erin has helped plan the Rosedale Pumpkin Carving Party and the June BBQ.

Jim Manzi
Jim Manzi lives at 3501 Newark Street with his wife, Jane, their son, daughter, two cats and dog, all of whom enjoy playing on the Conservancy grounds. Jim moved to Washington 30 years ago, and has resided on Newark Street for the past decade.

George Marcou
George and his wife Karen have lived at 3503 Newark Street on the north side of Rosedale since 2003. George and Karen have two boys, George (19) and Jack (17). George has done a great deal of volunteer work, including fundraising for various schools, Guy Mason Park and Rosedale.


Annual Member Nominees

Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson is a native Washingtonian who graduated from the University of MD with a Bachelors in Historic Preservation and Architecture. He has run his own construction and design company, Dupont Design and Construction, for over thirty years and is also knowledgeable in landscape design. He has been commissioned to restore a number of DC landmarks and historic homes. He has been a Cleveland Park resident for almost five years living at 3512 Porter St. where he is restoring a 1922 American Foursquare. Bruce is also known for his fundraising activities; he was on the Board of Directors for “Arts in Action” where he helped to raise over a million dollars for various local charities. He was also on the Board of Directors for the “Opera Camerata” and helped to organize operatic fundraisers to benefit charitable organizations. He is currently the owner of Izzy and Milo, two young weimaraners and is an enthusiastic and regular visitor to Rosedale.

Danna McCormick
Danna and her husband John have lived on Porter Street since 1999, with her two teenage sons and two dogs who all enjoy Rosedale. She is the owner of DLM Web Development, creating websites for local businesses and non-profits. Danna has been involved with the Conservancy since its inception in a variety of capacities and now returns to the Board after a taking some time off.

Roger Pollak
Roger Pollak lives at 3501 Ordway Street. He grew up in Cleveland Park, went to John Eaton School, and spent a lot of time playing at Rosedale. Roger has been deeply involved in the efforts to purchase and preserve the Rosedale lawns. He is a founding member of the Conservancy Board and has served as Board Chair and Conservancy President since the organization’s inception. Roger is married to Whitney Pinger and has four children, Eli (25), Jesse (21), Robin (18), and Rosie (16).